User Action Required -- Microsoft December Security Updates for NVCC-Issued Windows Laptops

To ensure that the College’s equipment remains aligned with the latest security patches, we are requesting that anyone using a NVCC-issued Windows laptop check for updates the third week of every month. Faculty and staff with NVCC-issued Windows laptops have the ability to check for and install the latest Microsoft security updates without having to connect to VPN. Please take a few moments to follow the directions on NOVAnet on how to check for Windows updates and then proceed to download/install/restart your laptop based on the prompts.  
You will have until the third Friday of every month to self-initiate the Microsoft security update process. For December, this means you have until Friday, December 24 at 5pm to install the latest security updates at your convenience. If not installed by 5pm on Friday, leave your laptop powered ON, plugged into an outlet, and connected to the Internet to allow the updates to install over the weekend. Failure to complete the monthly update process by the deadline will result in an immediate installation upon the next login attempt which could result in delayed boot-up times and forced reboots.  
By incorporating this monthly check for Microsoft updates, you help ensure the integrity and security of the College’s data, network, and systems.  
IT Help Desk
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