Workaround Instructions for Canvas Blank Page Issue

Are you experiencing blank pages loading in Canvas? When accessing Canvas in Chrome 96 using Windows 10/11, various Pages fail to load completely in Canvas, presenting a blank section of the Page. This affects the Gradebook most frequently but has also been reported to affect the Inbox, Pages, Assignments, Quizzes, and Files. This issue mostly affects teachers, but other user roles can also experience this issue.
This is a known issue with Canvas and Chrome and Canvas Engineers are currently working on a solution. Clearing the cache will temporarily resolve the issue or the user can use Firefox as an alternative browser.

There are several methods to clear the cache:
To clear the cache for a specific site: First, make sure the site is active in the current tab, then press F5. If that method does not work press Shift+F5.
To clear the entire Chrome cache, press Shift+Control+Delete. This will open a Dialogue, which allows the user to delete the cache (and other data).
To read more about the Canvas + Chrome Issue and stay updated on developer progress:
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