Return to Campus Timeline for All Returning Employees

Today is the final day to schedule a “Return to Campus” IT appointment, if there are any available time slots. Anyone who needs IT assistance who did not make an appointment by the August 13th deadline will need to put in a ticket with the Help Desk and will be subject to the standard scheduling as any other IT request on a first come, first serve basis.

As the college transitions back from a remote environment to an on-site work environment for most NVCC Faculty/Staff, it is imperative that the IT assets get work done as they return to the college network. This ensures the safety of the NVCC and VCCS networks. To provide a secure and seamless transition back to on-site work, ALL returning Faculty/Staff who have not been working on-site FULL-TIME since January MUST schedule an appointment using the link below at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to their return date. This will allow IT Staff to make sure their computer connects to the network, update the computer’s software (OS, Office, Antivirus, etc.), re-connect all equipment, configure printing, and verify all other resources are working. When Faculty/Staff return for the scheduled appointment, they are required to bring ALL equipment that was taken home so the IT Staff can reconnect it. If Faculty/Staff are working the Summer session, they may make their appointment between June 7th and August 15th.

Full-time employees will return to our campuses and facilities in stages, beginning June 1st and ending August 16th, in advance of Fall classes. Each stage is separated by two to three weeks, providing time for returning Employees to re-acclimate to their work environments before further expanding the on-campus population.

Schedule Campus Return - IT Setup Appointment

Campus Return - IT Setup Bookings Calendar

Return Timeline for Full-Time Employees

IT Staff

Stage A

Stage B

Stage C

Stage D

Return Date Tuesday June 1st

Return Date Monday, June 21st

Return Date Monday, July 12th

Return Date Monday, July 26th

Return Date Monday, August 16th

Schedule Apt Time Frame

June 7th to June 18th

June 28th to July 9th

July 6th to July 23rd

July 27th to August 13th

College Computing IT

Associate VPs / Deans /Directors

Supervisors / Managers/ Associate Deans / Coordinators

Non-Supervisory Employees

Teaching Faculty

By June 1st, All Campus and College IT Staff will return to on-site work and join those already back on site.

By June 21st, employees at or above the Associate VP/Dean/Director level will return to on-site work and join employees already required to be on site.

By July 12th, Employees with supervisory functions will return to on-site work as scheduled.

By July 26th, non- supervisory Staff will return to on-site work as scheduled.

By August 16th, teaching Faculty assigned to on-campus classes will return to their campuses with the start of their Fall appointments. All Teaching Faculty will be expected to come to campus as appropriate

throughout the Fall.





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