Assistance Required -- Maintaining and Securing your NVCC-Issued Equipment This Summer

As we head into summer, ITSS will require your assistance to ensure that all NVCC-issued devices (Windows and Mac)  maintain the latest security updates.    Below you will find a list of the scheduled updates.   
Adobe Software Updates – CRITICAL
Starting today, Thursday, May 13,  until installed, ITSS will automatically deploy Adobe software updates to all NVCC-issued devices using our enterprise management tools.  These updates will address a critical Adobe vulnerability.  
ASSISTANCE REQUIRED:    Please ensure your NVCC-issued device is powered ON  and connected to the Internet for at least 4 hours to allow time for the software to download and install.   No user interaction is required, but you may notice that your Internet connection is slower while the software downloads.  
Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Updates
On Sunday, May 16 at 10pm, ITSS will be updating the GlobalProtect VPN client.   
ASSISTANCE REQUIRED:    Once available, all users should take action starting on Monday, May 17,  to connect to VPN to ensure the latest GlobalProtect Client – version 5.2.6 is installed on their devices.  Once your client is updated, ITSS is requesting that users reconnect and remain on VPN for at least four hours next week to ensure that software licensing and management servers can synchronize with all NOVA-issued devices.  
Microsoft Security Updates
Starting the week of May 17, Microsoft’s May Security updates will be available for download/install on NVCC-issued remote devices. 
ASSISTANCE REQUIRED:   Please be on the lookout for a separate email detailing the Microsoft Security update process.    
Thank you for helping us keep your NOVA-issued device and the College’s network, systems, and data secure.
IT Help Desk
Tel:  703-426-4141