Action Required -- Microsoft Updates for NVCC-Issued Laptops



Over the past several months, ITSS and Campus IT teams have worked together to enroll all NVCC-issued Windows laptops to Microsoft Intune, a remote management solution which helps us deploy critical Microsoft security updates and software without the requirement of a VPN connection.  


If your computer was online over the weekend, the latest April security updates should have downloaded and you may have seen a notice today that updates were configuring or a restart was pending.   Please see below for the expected user experience.     


To ensure your NVCC-issued laptop receives the April updates, please leave your laptop powered on AND connected to the Internet at the end of the business day.    Microsoft Intune will continue to attempt download, install, and restart of your NVCC-issued laptop until complete so it is critical that you leave your laptop powered on AND connected to the Internet after 5pm today.       







Figure 1 – User experience upon logging on to laptop.



Figure 2 – User experience if you have Show Notifications for Windows Update Requiring Restart (see attachment) configured.





Figure 3 – User experience if your computer is idle and locked.  





Figures 4 and 5  –   User experience -  If you click Not Now when prompted to restart, you will see a Windows amber symbol indicating that a restart is required in your taskbar and your Start menu.  











Figure 6 – If you select more info, the Windows Update window will open outlining what has been installed and that restart will occur outside the default active hours of 8am to 5pm.    




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