Zoom Cloud Recordings

The VCCS’ move to online learning has presented us with a storage challenge. Our Zoom recording cloud storage is at capacity.
In order to prevent a mass deletion of recordings in the next couple of weeks, we are asking all faculty and staff to:
  1. Delete any cloud recordings that you do not absolutely need. 
  2. Anything that you can download and store in Google Drive instead of Zoom, we ask that you make that transfer. Please note that bulk uploads to Google Drive will result in your Google account being locked.
  3. Please do NOT mass move things to Canvas Studio, as we are approaching storage limits there as well.  
Your cloud recordings are here: https://vccs.zoom.us/recording 
In considering what to delete, please keep in mind that federal privacy laws prohibit the reuse of recorded lectures where students are present and identified by name, image, or voice unless each and every student has signed a release form allowing you to do so. Thus, except in courses where incompletes are outstanding, you should be able to delete lecture recordings from previous semesters (unless accreditation requirements for your program require their retention). 
We ask that you please act on this with urgency, as we are days away from not being able to record to the Cloud across the VCCS in Zoom. If that should happen, the System Office will be implementing a retention policy immediately that will instantly delete videos recorded prior to a yet to be decided upon date. 
Should you have any questions, please reach out to edtechhelp@nvcc.edu and we will do our best to answer them.
Thank you in advance for your speedy cooperation.
IT Help Desk
Tel:  703-426-4141