Proctoring with Respondus Lockdown Browser and Zoom

We are pleased to announce that Respondus has recently enabled a new feature that allows the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser in conjunction with Zoom live proctoring. This does require a few things on both the instructor and student sides for optimal usage.
  • When instructors set up their Canvas exam and choose to enable the Respondus Lockdown Browser settings, they must select the Radio button to allow Live Proctoring and select Zoom as the live proctoring tool. 
  • Instructors must follow all other previously required steps when assigning the quiz through Canvas and Respondus. 
  • The instructor must also enable an access code with the exam to allow for live proctoring. If the instructor has previously assigned a passcode through Canvas, the passcodes must be the same.
  • Students must have downloaded and be accessing Respondus Lockdown on a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook. Respondus and Zoom proctoring may NOT be used on an iPad or other tablet or mobile device. 
  • The student must be logged into the Chrome browser. It is the ONLY supported browser for all 3 applications. Attempting to use another browser will not allow Respondus and Zoom to work together. 
  • The student will also need to close all other computer applications besides Zoom and Chrome.
  • Students will log into Zoom and turn their cameras on to ensure the instructor can see the student. Instructors will use the gallery view to ensure they can see the faces of all students. 
  • Students must also turn off their microphones to avoid background noise. In addition, the instructor has the ability to mute all microphones in the Security Settings of the meeting.
  • After attendance has been taken, Instructors will then provide students with the pre-assigned access code to launch the Respondus Lockdown Browser so students may take the exam.
  • Although Zoom will remain running in the background and the instructor will be able to view the students, the students will not be able to view the Zoom screen during the exam.
For more detailed directions for using Zoom and Respondus together, please reference this guide. 
Please direct all questions to
Please note that NOVA cannot provide support with use of browsers other than Chrome, the use of iPads or mobile devices, teacher assigned passcodes or teacher assigned exam availability windows or due dates.
We strongly encourage instructors to run a practice exam with students before administering the first exam.
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