Coming Soon -- Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for GlobalProtect VPN and Retirement of Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Effective December 1, 2020, in alignment with VCCS Security Policies, all VPN connections will require multifactor authentication (MFA). VPN MFA will leverage the same Microsoft MFA process that everyone is now familiar with when accessing any Microsoft Office 365 services.
Starting on December 1, 2020, when a user attempts to connect to GlobalProtect VPN, they will receive a MFA prompt after entering their credentials. The MFA prompt is based on the same preferred notification method selected for Office 365 services  –  via the Microsoft Authenticator App or a telephone call to designated phone number. GlobalProtect VPN users will also be prompted to download and install the latest client version -- GlobalProtect 5.1.7.  
If you are a VIP VPN user who is currently using Cisco AnyConnect VPN, you should transition to Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN client no sooner than December 1, 2020 and no later than January 5, 2021.   You can check to see if you already have the GlobalProtect VPN client installed on your NVCC-issued laptop by following the attached directions. If you do not have the GlobalProtect VPN installed, please contact the IT Help Desk for your Campus IT team to assist with installation no later than January 5, 2021. Please note that Cisco AnyConnect VPN users will also be prompted to download and install the latest client version – Cisco AnyConnect 4.9.04043. We encourage all VIP VPN users to move to GlobalProtect as soon as possible because Cisco AnyConnect VPN will be retired on January 6, 2021.     
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