Adobe PDF e-signature setup

How to create an Adobe PDF e-signature
Open the PDF document. Scroll down to the signature line and click on the signature space.
The following window will pop up. Click "Configure Digital ID".
Select "Create a new Digital ID", then click Continue.
Select "Save to File", then click Continue.
Some Adobe versions will prompt you with the following window. If this window appears, select "Fill and sign" under the YOU column, otherwise, continue to the next step.
Enter your full name and email address, then click Continue.
Create a password, then click Save.
The following window will appear. Click Continue.
Review your e-signature. It is recommended that you use Standard Text. Enter your newly created password, then click Sign.
Your e-signature will now appear on the document. You will need to save the document to your device, attach it via email and send to the appropriate party.