Perceptive Content 7.7 Upgrade - Production Environment

Perceptive Content 7.7 Upgrade

This guide will walk you thru on installing the Perceptive Content 7.7 (ImageNow) upgrade thru the Microsoft Software Center.
If working offsite please make sure you are connected to VPN
1. To get started please open the Start Menu and type Software Center
2. Click on the Software Center app to open it.
3. Once Software Center is open, Please select the following icon label, "Perceptive Content 7.7 - Perceptive Content 7.7"
4. At this point you will have the option to install the upgrade manually by selecting, "Install"
5. Please wait till the Upgrade is completed. Once completed please reboot your machine before using Perceptive Content 7.7 
6. Once you rebooted your computer and open Perceptive Content 7.7 your login screen should look like below
From this point please use Perceptive Content as normal
If you have any questions related to the Perceptive Content 7.7 upgrade, please submit a ticket to

Enterprise Application Services

Northern Virginia Community College