Adobe Software Installation thru Microsoft Intune

This documentation will walk you through the steps required to setup your Adobe Software on your machine that was approved by 105-045. If after walking through this documentation you are still having issues, please submit a ticket to
Before we begin,
Make sure you don't have a previous version of Adobe Installed
Make sure all your Microsoft Office 365 apps are closed completely. You will get failures if you have any office 365 apps open.
Previous Version of Adobe
Please verify if you have a previous version of Adobe Installed on your computer. Please check the Start Menu and if you see any previous version of the software you requested, please stop and contact your IT department for help with uninstalling your previous version of Adobe before you continue. In your ticket to your IT department please let them know which Version of Adobe you have install. 
Adobe Creative Cloud Version - You will know if this is the version you have by the Adobe Creative Cloud Icon
Adobe Acrobat 2018 - You will know you have this version by the lack of the Adobe Creative Cloud Icon. Note: Your Adobe Icons may look different to the ones below.
Closing Microsoft Office 365 Apps
Please make sure the following apps are closed before we begin. You will also need to check your system tray to make sure some of your apps are not running in the background. If you see any Office365 apps running you can right click and closed them.
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft OneDrive
Installing Adobe Software thru Microsoft Intune
Now that all Office365 application have been closed we can begin installing the Adobe Software you have been approved for.
  1. We will need to open Microsoft Intune. On your desktop you should see the following icon
    1. If you don’t see this icon, you will not be able to do off-site installation of Adobe Software. Please contact your IT Department for additional support.
  2. Once you open Intune Software, your default browser will open and prompt you to login to the portal.
    1. If your email auto loads click on that, if not enter your NVCC email address.
  3. Once you click or enter your NVCC email address you will be taken to the NVCC Sign In Portal for Microsoft.
    1. Enter your password and click sign in
  4. Once you login you will be taken to the Device Page of the portal. Make sure your computer selected and it states: “This Device
    1. If you don’t see this above your computer please click the option below, “Tap here to tell us which device you’re using or add a new device.
    2. You will now see the list of computers you have register with your NVCC email account.
    3. On this list, please select the computer you are using that required the install of Adobe Software.
    4. Now your Active Computer will show the following right above it, “This Device”
  5. Now that your computer is selected, we will now install the Adobe Software you have requested and been approved for. On the top left of the webpage click on the three lines.
  6. Now Select, “APPS
  7. Once you click, Apps, you will see the Apps that you have been approved for and are available to be installed Off-Site
  8. Now select the App you want to install, for this example we will continue with Acrobat DC. Click on the App and you’ll get the following options. Verify your Active computer is the computer you want to install the software on. Once you have verified select, “Install
  9. If using Google Chrome, you will see the following prompt
    1. Select, “Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app” then click on, “Open Microsoft.Management.Services.IntuneWindowsAgent
  10. Once you have click on the above you will the see the webpage change to the following. You will now see a status indicator below Install.
    1. Pending Install
    2. Downloading
    3. Error – Not Installed
      1. Make sure that you don’t have any Microsoft Office 365 Apps running. If all apps are closed and you still get this error message, please email your IT Department on the ticket that was generated or start a new ticket with your campus IT.
  11. Installation Successful, You will see this image if the application was successfully installed on your computer.
  12. Verify your Installation by going to the Start Menu and Under "A" you should see something like this.
  13. You can now open your Adobe Application, please note that on first open you will be asked to login. You are going to login using your NVCC email and password. Also, from time-to-time Adobe may ask you to sign in again to verify you still have a valid license to access Adobe Products. 
  14. If you have created a personal account using your NVCC.EDU email at some time in the past, you will see the following screen. Please select “Company or School Account” as this will have the valid license required for use of Adobe Acrobat DC NUL (Named User License).
  15. Once you are signed in you are ready to start using Adobe Acrobat DC.