Payroll FAQ

How do I access my paystubs?
Paystubs are available online through the Payline.
How do I access Payline?
  • Use your State ID Number, rather than your NOVA EMP ID Number. State IDs may be acquired by emailing
  • If this is your first time accessing Payline, go to the menu on the left-hand side of the page and click on the first option: Forgot Password/New Account.
  • Enter your State ID Number and follow the instructions.
  • The system will ask you to create a “Password Phrase.” Remember your passphrase, since is the final activation key to creating your profile with Payline.
  • At the end, you should receive a notification that a “Temporary Password” has been sent to your Payroll agency. Once Payroll gets the email with your information, it will redirect the email to your NVCC email account within 24 to 48 business hours.
  • Log on to Payline by using your State ID and Temporary Password.
  • Provide “Password Phrase.”
  • Complete your profile and create a new password. The password should be a minimum of 8 characters (must include a CAP, a number, and a symbol).
I’ve closed my bank account how do I setup a new direct deposit?
 A new Direct Deposit form and a voided check or authorization form from your bank is required to make changes to your banking information.
Log on to Payline to download a new Direct Deposit Form.  The payroll specialists cannot send you a copy of the form, you must access Payline.
 If you close your account after we process payroll but before pay day, we cannot reissue any funds unless the original bank returns the funds. 
 Where should I send my new direct deposit or tax form?
Payroll can accept forms by email to
 I’m leaving NOVA, when will I receive my unused vacation pay?
Leave payouts are processed in the next pay periods following your last regular payment. 
Questions regarding the status of your leave or the  amount should be directed to
I’m applying for a mortgage or car loan, who can confirm my income?
All requests for employment verifications should include your signed release and be emailed to
I’m moving, what do I need to do for payroll?
Address changes should be made in the self service  area in HRMS. You can also send an email with your new address to and
If your state of residence is changing, please complete a new state tax form.
I signed up for the tax deferred annuity/deferred compensation plan, why is it not being deducted from my check?
 Please email to check on the status of your application.
When will I receive my overload pay?
Nine month employees must have their workloads entered in PeopleSoft according to the dates published on the Faculty Overload Pay Schedule (you will be prompted to login using your NVCC account to access NOVA’s intranet). 
My overload/summer/substitute pay is incorrect, who can fix it?
All payment amounts are approved by Human Resources and forwarded to Payroll for processing.  If you believe there is an error in your pay rate please contact your HR representative or department administrator.
I’m an adjunct professor, why haven’t I been paid yet?
First, check the payroll calendar for pay dates.  If your paycheck is missing please contact your division.
I was scheduled to teach two classes and one was cancelled but I was still paid for both.  What do I do?
Please email with the details and we will calculate the amount that needs to be repaid.
Why haven’t I received the stipend/special pay for a special assignment I worked last month?
Please contact HR about the status of your stipend.
My supervisor didn’t approve my hours, when will I get paid?
All late approvals will be paid on the next published pay date, no exceptions.  If you need assistance with timekeeping and approvals, please email 
My hours/workload/rate of pay are incorrect, can you issue a manual check?
NOVA does not have the ability to issue payments locally; payments are processed in Richmond according to the state payroll operations schedule.   All pay adjustments must be processed on the next scheduled pay run, no exceptions.
Payline – Online Source for Paystubs and W2 Forms
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