Employee Education Assistance Request - NOVA Credit Course

The following instructions describe how to complete the Employee Education Assistance Request form for a NOVA credit course.
To log in to the form, go to https://eforms.nvcc.edu/FormsLibrary/
Enter your NVCC Username (your local userID, not your NVCC email address) and Password.
After successful login, the Forms Library dashboard opens. Click on eForms in the left panel or under Forms Library to view the forms.
In the left panel or link under EFORMS, click 105-043a Employee Educational Assistance Request - NOVA Credit Course.
If this pop up message appears when the form opens, click OK
In the Requestor section, the Email, Name, EMPLID, and Work Location field should already be populated. Complete the remaining fields and make your selections from the drop down list.
Enter course information in the Class Information section, and click Add Class.
Make your selections from the Time of Coursework and Purpose of Assistance options. Carefully review the Payment Notice and Agreement, and click Accept when done.
The form will go to your supervisor for approval.