Employee Request for Adobe Access

Current NOVA employees can submit a 105-045 form to request access to Adobe Acrobat Pro or other Adobe Creative Cloud applications that require a license. If the form is approved, this access can be used for Name User License (NUL) applications or Shared Device License (SDL) applications. Please note that SDL applications are limited to designated staff and can only be installed on NOVA campus issued computers.
Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader may already be installed on your computer as a default, and does not require a license. If you need PDF "read only" conversion and Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on your computer, contact your local IT department for assistance. If your work​ requires PDF editing capabilities, you will need to submit a 105-045 form for the Adobe Acrobat Pro Named User License.
** Important Notes (Please read before you request a new account!)
  • If you have an Adobe Federated Account with a Named User License (NUL) and you are no longer a NOVA employee, your license will be removed and is no longer valid. Please be sure to download and save all of your work assets (graphics, data files, documents, etc.).
  • If you have an Adobe ID, use of Adobe Creative Cloud applications on other computers is unlimited. However, your Adobe Federated Account with NUL can only be used on up to two computers at a time. If you try to log in to a third device, you will be prompted to sign out of one of the other two computers.
  • If you have any questions concerning your Adobe Account or submitting the form, email EAS@nvcc.edu for assistance. Please include Adobe in the subject line and your telephone number in the body of the email.
Use the following instructions to complete the form.
Go to the eforms login page and enter your NVCC LAN credentials (e.g., jsmith@nvcc.edu). Click Log in.
After successful login, the IT Accounts Request Form page opens.
Select Change an Employee IT Account from the Reason drop down list, then select the Effective Date (must be after current date).
Verify all fields in the Employee section are populated and correct.
In the Application Access section, select Adobe CC as the Application Type. Please wait a couple of seconds for the page to load the options under Application Name
Once you have selected Adobe CC under Application Name, please select the software you are requesting and click Add to Cart. Repeat steps if requesting multiple applications.
The page refreshes and displays the Application Name and Action at the bottom of the page.
Important! In the Notes section, please indicate your specific need and reason for this request, and whether you will be using the Adobe application on your college issued computer or your personal computer (or both).
If you need these apps installed on your college computer, the campus IT department will contact you with installation details.
Go back and review all information before submitting the form.
When done, click Next.
In the confirmation pop up, click Cancel to go back to the form, or Submit New Request to submit another request.
The form approvers appear at the bottom of the page. If you wish to cancel the request, click Cancel Request. If you wish to resend your request, click Resend Approval Requests.