Telework Time & Effort Log

The following instructions describe how to complete the Telework Time & Effort Log Entry form, which is available immediately (effective Friday, July 10th). Note: This live form can replace the weekly Time & Effort Log spreadsheet and does not need to be submitted and uploaded in SharePoint.
If you have any questions, please send an email to Enterprise Application Services at
Enter your NVCC Username (your local userID, not your NVCC email address) and Password.
The Telework Time & Effort Log Entry page opens. Your email address and name should appear in the Email and Name fields by default.

Under Time & Effort Information, click on the dropdown arrow  in the Date of Work field. This dropdown list displays the days (dates) for the current work week.
Click on the day for which you would like to add or update entries.
Click the dropdown arrow  for Type of Work Done. The first time you view the dropdown list, you will see generic Admin related categories.
To add specific categories unique to your role, click on Customize. In the Custom Work Types window, enter your work type name in the Enter a New Custom Work Type field, and click Add.
Your new custom category will be saved in the list below the entry. It will also appear in the Type of Work Done dropdown list. To remove the category from the list, open the Custom Work Types form and click on Remove.
Add notes in the Notes /Comments field (optional).
Enter the time you spent working on the task in the Duration field (hh:mm). For assistance with entering durations, click on Explain This.
When you are done with your entries, click Add Entry.
Your entry will appear at the bottom of the page, and the form will clear for the next entry.
To remove an entry from the list, click Remove. To edit the entry, click Edit. Make your edits to the form and click on Update Entry to save edits, or Cancel to cancel edits.
You can sort the order you want your entries to appear by clicking on the desired column heading. To view your entries in an Excel spreadsheet, click on Excel.
Save the spreadsheet to your desktop. Double click on file to view contents.


When do the submissions appear on the supervisor side?
(Removed 09/01/2021)(HR) Salmeron, Jessica (7/13/2020 at 3:28 PM)
Submissions are instantaneous. When a supervisor clicks "Time & Effort Log Reports", they will be able to see entries submitted by their direct reports as soon as they are submitted.
(EAS) Raffle, Aaron M. (8/3/2020 at 2:15 PM)