Adobe Enterprise Account for NOVA Employees

NOVA offers current (actively employed) NVCC Faculty and Staff a licensed account for the use of Adobe Creative Cloud Applications on their personal computer while working off campus. The Adobe Enterprise Account (also known as an Adobe Federated Account) gives NOVA employees direct access to Adobe applications using NVCC's single sign on page. 
Current NOVA employees can submit a request for an Adobe Federated Account that contains the license, using the instructions provided below. 
** Important Notes (Please read before you enter a request!)
If or when you are no longer a NOVA employee, your license will no longer be valid, so please be sure to download and save all of your work assets (graphics, data files, documents, etc.).
Your Adobe Enterprise Account can be used on up to two computers at a time. If you try to log in to a third device, you will be prompted to sign out of one of the other two computers.
If you have any questions concerning your Adobe Account or submitting the form, email for assistance. Please include Adobe in the subject line and your telephone number in the body of the email.

How to submit a request for an Adobe Enterprise Account

1.  To request an Adobe Enterprise Account, go to and enter your NVCC LAN account credentials.
2.  If you don’t already have an Adobe Enterprise Account, a ticket is automatically created, and a pop up message provides you with your ticket number (please make note of this number). If you previously submitted a ticket, the system will inform you that you already have a ticket and provide you with your ticket number.

3.  You will receive an email confirmation stating that your request to Access Adobe Products has been received, with the ticket number. An EAS staff member will process your request.


How To Access Adobe Cloud Apps

Once you receive an email confirmation stating that your Adobe Enterprise ID is ready, follow the instructions below to access Adobe Creative Cloud applications on your personal device.

Note: If you already have Adobe applications installed on your computer, sign out of the application and sign in again with your new Adobe Enterprise Account (using your NVCC email credentials). This will automatically apply your new license to all your Adobe applications. 
1.  You have two options for signing into Adobe to download your applications:
    a) Click on the Adobe Enterprise Login link provided in the email message. Enter your  NVCC email address (example: (do not enter your Password). Click Sign in with an Enterprise ID..
        b) Visit Enter your  NVCC email address (example:, and click Continue.
2.  If prompted, select Company or School Account, and enter your password on the next page (or you can provide your credentials in your school’s login screen).
3.  The NVCC Single Sign on page appears. Enter your NVCC email account credentials.
4.  Your Adobe Home Page opens.
5.  At the top right corner of the home page, click on the nine squares icon and select Creative Cloud.
6.  The Creative Cloud page opens and displays the applications you are licensed to download. To see a complete list of Adobe apps available for you to download, click All your apps or the Apps tab. (Note: Adobe Stock license is not included).
7.  The page with all of your Adobe applications for download appears. Note: It is recommended that you download the Creative Cloud application (shown below) before downloading the other applications.This allows Creative Cloud to install and automatically update your Adobe applications.
8.  Select an application (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator), and click Download to sign in to use the app. Note: If the message below appears, your request is still being processed in the back end. Depending on the time of day, it can take up to 20 minutes after you receive the email confirmation for your applications to be ready for download. Try the download again in 15-20 minutes.
For more information on how to download or install apps, see Download and Install Creative Cloud apps.
For help with your Adobe Federated Account, email Please include Adobe in the subject line.
For help with accessing Adobe or installing Adobe apps, contact Adobe (1-800 685-2950) or email (


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