Adobe Home Use - Summer 2023

Adobe has provided temporary at-home access for students taking classes and instructors teaching classes that require use of Adobe applications for the Summer 2023 semester.
NOVA will automatically provide these accounts using your MyNOVA email address.
Please note: These temporary licenses may be provided and removed at NOVA or Adobe’s sole discretion. 
Important!  Please use these instructions to download and save all of your Creative Cloud files and work assets (graphics, data files, documents, etc.) to your local computer.
Follow the instructions below to access Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Apps.
Note: If you are using your personal account to sign into Adobe Creative Cloud, you must sign out of Adobe Creative Cloud when you are finished using the application. This will prevent your account from being accessed by another user. Simply logging out of the computer does not log out other users who may be using the application under your account.
        1.  Go to and click Sign in.
        2. Enter your MyNOVA email address (example: and click Continue.
     3.Enter your Adobe password if you have already setup your Adobe account. 
        If this is your first time signing into Adobe, proceed to step 3A. Otherwise, proceed with Step 4.
     3A. If this page appears, (the first time you sign into Adobe), click Continue.
    The boxes appear where you will enter the verification code.Go to your myNOVA email to retrieve the code.
    After you enter the correct code, enter your account information, and click Complete Account.
    Important! The password you enter here is the password you will use hereon to sign into Adobe.
    Add your mobile phone number (optional), and click Continue. If you prefer not to enter your mobile number, click Not now.
 4. The Creative Cloud page opens and displays the applications that your are licensed to download. To see a complete list of these Adobe apps available for you to download, click the Apps tab, or View all. (Note: Adobe Stock license is not included).
       5. The next page displays all of your Adobe applications that are available for download. 
6.  After the application is installed, you will be prompted to sign in to the application using your Adobe account.

How To Sign Out of Adobe Creative Cloud

Use the following steps to sign out of Adobe Creative Cloud in Windows PC:
1.  If the Adobe Creative Cloud app is open, simply click the blue circle icon and click Sign Out.

For more information on how to download or install apps, see Download and Install Creative Cloud apps.
For help with accessing Adobe or installing Adobe apps, contact Adobe via phone (1-800 685-2950) or email (