General Information



General Information


NOVACard Association

In order to associate a card, the user must have a PaperCut account. Most cards are automatically associated via an import.

If a card is not automatically associated there are several ways to create a PaperCut account

1. User submits a print job when logged into any workstation or guest computer; this forces PaperCut to create an account;

2. Logging into the PaperCut user webpage; or

3. Logging into the device (not swiping).

Once they have a PaperCut account they can then associate their card normally.


Large Color Print Jobs

Large color print jobs can take a longer time to print. To reduce the print time, save the file as a pdf, then submit. Saving to pdf reduces the file size significantly and will allow it to pass through the queue quicker, even if the queue is backed up.


Print Drivers Do Not Appear

If drivers don’t appear:

1. Try restarting the computer.

2. Use Web Upload (currently through IE)

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