Human Resources Talent Management FAQ

Talent Management Frequently Asked Questions



What is the pay band?


Pay Bands are structures established by the Commonwealth of Virginia which identify minimum and maximum salaries for a group of positions.  This structure is made of a total of nine steps (or individual pay bands).


NOVA along with VCCS peer institutions, utilizes pay bands 1to

6 for the purpose of recruitment, pay practices, and compensation administration.


*NOVA has also created alternate pay bands or hiring salary ranges, within this broad pay band structure, which assigns a more specific pay range for a position based on the classification of the position and the market.


When is a selection committee needed for a position and how is the committee selected?


Interview/selection committees must be used for positions in Pay Band 4 or higher. Positions in Pay Band 1, 2, or 3 may be filled by the hiring supervisor or with the use of an interview/selection committee.

The Hiring Manager appoints the Selection Committee.  The Selection Committee may also serve as the Interview Committee.  The minimum composition of the committee should consist of:

  • When a selection panel is used, panel members should:

represent a diverse population;

  • become familiar with the basic responsibilities of the position for which they will interview applicants;
  • normally (if classified employees) be in the same or a higher Role than the position being filled (unless they are participating as human resource professionals or individuals with a particular expertise required for the position);
  • receive appropriate training, instruction or guidance on lawful selection before participation in the interview and selection process; and
  • hold confidential all information related to the interviewed applicants and the recommendation or selection.


The Hiring Manager will submit to the Campus Provost the membership of the Selection/Interview Committee which will review the membership to ensure compliance with Affirmative Action guidelines before actual selection takes place. 


The Provost will notify Department of Human Resources of acceptance or non-compliance. 



Upon the approval of the Selection Committee by the campus provost and the Department of Human Resources,  the hiring manager and the dean  will discuss with the selection committee other aspects of the vacancy, such as economic considerations, College affirmative action plans, unit and College plans, institutional hiring goals, and other matters which may affect the recruitment and selection process.

How do I get a promotion?



A promotion is movement to a different role in a higher pay band that is assumed through a competitive hiring process for a position.


How do you hire an adjunct? What are the adjunct qualifications?


Adjuncts are hired at the campus by the Academic Dean. HR creates a pool of qualified adjuncts- when a Dean is looking for a qualified adjunct HR forwards the applicants who meet the request.

For Associate in Arts programs, a Masters degree in the discipline or a Masters with 18 graduate semester hours in the discipline.

For Associate in Applied Sciences programs, a Bachelor's degree in the discipline or Associate of Arts in the discipline with two years of occupational experience.


How many people do I have to interview?


You should attempt to interview at least three or more candidates but exceptions can be granted.


How do you calculate salary? How is my salary determined?


For Classified staff, starting pay is negotiable from the minimum of the hiring salary range for the position up to 10% (NOVA standard) above the candidate's current salary, not to exceed the hiring salary range maximum.


Why is my salary different from my peer who has the same position, education and experience?


Salaries may differ between peers who have the same position, education and experience because of starting pay and/or increase adjustments that have been applied to the position over a period of time. Furthermore, although two positions may have a similar role or title, responsibilities may vary to some degree depending on the needs of the department, thus impacting salary.


How do I submit a Notice of Vacancy?


Notice of Vacancies (NOV) for P14-Wage Employee positions should be submitted by paper form 105-89, and should include a completed P14-Wage Employee Position Description Form.

Notice of Vacancies for Classified and Faculty positions should be submitted electronically through the Denosys system. A tutorial may be found in the Denosys Document Library.


How do I access applications?


If your position is a p-14 position or a faculty position, a public folder will be created in Outlook and application materials will be in the public folder. Applications for classified positions will be released to the hiring manager's Manager Workbench in Denosys.


When can I expect to see a change in my pay?


If an employee receives confirmation of change in pay, and does not see a change in the next two pay checks, he should contact College Payroll for more details.


How do I access Payline?


First you have to register through the Payline website- your password information will be sent to the Payroll Manager. To register you will need your state id.


Why is my paycheck short?


If an employee's pay check is short, he should contact College Payroll for assistance.


When is my new P-14 going to show up in Denosys or my Manager Workbench?


Once Recruitment has received notification that the p-14 has accepted the position, HRIS will input the employee data into Denosys and People Soft based on the paperwork submitted with the hire action. The supervisor will be able to see the employee in their Manager Workbench immediately after input


Who is responsible for advertising and recruiting a position at NOVA?


Human Resources is responsible for the recruiting and advertising for all NOVA positions.  If you are interested in a job on any of our campuses, you must submit your online application.




Can you check the status of my application?

All postings on the NVCC website are open and available. The application process has moved on to the review phase once the posting had been removed from the website. Candidates will be called via telephone for interviews.

How long is the hiring process?

The hiring process from submission of the electronic application to selection of a candidate may take four to eight weeks.

I forgot my Denosys password.

Always log in through Internet Explorer at
USERNAME: most commonly is the first letter of first name and complete last name (example: Tom Smith - TSmith)              
PASSWORD: First four letters of last name and last four digits of Social Security Number. (Example: Tom Smith SS# 000-00-0000 would be smit0000)

Where should I send my transcripts?

Your unofficial or official transcripts should be sent to the Human Resources office. Please use one of the following methods:
FAX: 703-323-3155

Postal Mail and In Person:
Northern Virginia Community College
Office of Human Resources
7630 Little River Turnpike
Suite 300
Annandale, Virginia 22003

Where can I find my paystub?

Paystubs may be found on Payline-Virginia Department of Accounts. Payline is found on the NVCC website under the heading of Payroll Information. Your State ID number and a password are needed to access your paystub. The password will be generated for you from the payline website via payroll.

I am an adjunct, where can I find my state ID?

Adjuncts do not have access to Denosys which is where the state ID is found. Please contact Human Resources where a team member may help you obtain your State ID.

I am new P-14 and the system is not recognizing me. I also cannot register for a parking sticker.

 A P-14 must work 20 hours per week for 4 consecutive weeks to be recognized in the system. At that time, the P-14 can go online and order a parking sticker.

How do I change erroneous demographic information inside PeopleSoft?

Your name, mailing address, phone number, contact information, and email address may be corrected by the employee. Please contact Human Resources if any other employee information is incorrect.

Am I qualified for the position? Should I apply?

Please read all the information, especially the description and requirements, contained in the posting. We encourage all candidates to apply for positions at Northern Virginia Community College.

May I speak to the Hiring Manager concerning my application?

No, each position on our website has its own hiring committee. The hiring committee reviews the applicant materials and interviews selected candidates.

Do I have to submit my applicant materials online? Can I send them via postal mail or bring them by in person?

All applicants must apply electronically on line to be considered for a position.

May I leave my resume, and then HR will call me if I qualify for a position?

No, candidates must apply electronically online to be considered for a position.

Why wasn't I notified that a position was filled?

It is the decision of the hiring committee how notification of candidates is handled.

Who will contact me for an interview and also if I am the chosen candidate?

The hiring committee contacts candidates for interviews. The position supervisor will contact the chosen candidate for the position.

Is an appointment preferred to discuss benefits with a HR team member?

Yes, an appointment is preferred, that way time is blocked specifically for you.

When do I call payroll or Human Resources for questions?

Dates of Pay
W2 & W4 Forms
Direct Deposit
Student Hires

Human Resources
Health Benefits
Short Term Disability
Tuition Assistance
Faculty Promotion
Employee Relations
Employee Evaluations