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Tuition Assistance



1. I want to take classes at another school, how do I apply for tuition assistance?


To request tuition assistance at any school, the application process is the same. The request form is on-line (NVCC 105-43) and it needs to be approved in HR prior to registration. Since it needs to be completed prior to submitting it to HR, please allow enough time for the approval process to take place at the campus level.


2. I have tuition assistance and need to switch classes, The class I want to take is the same number of credits. Can I just enroll in the different class?

Tuition assistance is specific to the course work listed on the request form and approval is not transferrable to another course.  If you decide you do not need tuition assistance for one class you must notify Human Resources.  If you want tuition assistance for a different class, you must request it. Please allow enough time for the approval process to take place.



3. I didn't know I was eligible for tuition assistance. I took a class and paid tuition for it last semester. Can I get reimbursed?

No, you need approval from HR prior to registration.

4. What is the deadline to request tuition assistance?



There is no single deadline. We cannot approve requests after the class has started since one is supposed to have approval from HR prior to registration. The cut-off or deadline date is determined by the start date for each class one lists on the tuition assistance request form.


Timesheet and leave



1. When do my leave balances expire?

Some leave expires on January 9th and some you can carry over. Sick, personal and excess annual leave balances expire on January 9th. On January 10th, you will receive a new disbursement of sick, personal. 

2. Can I carry over any leave hours that I don't use from one year to the next?

As a Classified employee you can request through your supervisor to carry over excess annual leave, which must be used through July 9th. The request is usually approved by the HR Director provided that a plan to use the leave is included. The plan must be specific as to when you will use the leave and how much of it you will use during the specified times. As a 12 month Faculty the annual leave will automatically carry over through June 30th the following year.

3. How can I tell what my leave balances are? 

In Denosys in the Employee Self Service section, click on "Leave Balances" under the Payroll column. In HRMS click on "Time Reporting." Click on "View Time" and then click on "Absence Balances."


4. I have charged leave on my timesheet and still see the amount in my balance, when will the time be deducted?

The balances will be updated once the accrual time is run. There is generally about a 5 day lag time for the change to be able to see the change. 


5. How do I enter time and leave in Denosys and HRMS?

There are jobs aides in the Document Library in Denosys. If you need additional coaching after reviewing these job aides, contact There are jobs aides for this action in HRMS, too. These aides are located on the NOVA website under the following link:

If you need additional coaching after reviewing these job aides, contact


6. How do I reopen my timesheet to modify it?


In Denosys - If the pay period is not yet closed, you ask your supervisor to return it to you or contact and the HR timekeepers can assist.

In HRMS - After 5 days from the end of a time period the timesheets are "locked" in HRMS and contact and the HR timekeepers can assist.


7. When should I use the time reporting code "Other-Regular Earnings"?

This earnings code is not a normal regular code recognized by payroll and should only be used when authorized by HR.



8. What is the process for canceling/correcting an absence request that has already been submitted?

If the absence request has not yet been approved, have your supervisor push back the request so that you can edit and either delete or make changes to the leave. 

If the request has already been approved, you will need to email HRMS and ask them to delete the request for you.

9. How do I assign a backup approver for timesheets in Denosys and HRM?



In Denosys - You can assign a backup approver within your Manager Workbench. Follow the instructions in the Document Library under the section labeled, "Supervisor/Manager Instructions".

HRMS does not have the functionality to assign backup approvers. You or your designated backup can contact requesting the timekeepers to enter approval on your behalf. You will need to provide the employee name, emplid and total number of hours to be approved. 


10. How can a manager assign a backup approver in HRMS

PeopleSoft does not have the functionality to assign backup approvers. If a manager is planning on being out of the office or needs to have timesheets approved, they should email HRMS with a lists of their employees and the total amount of hours that they approve for the pay period and one of the timekeepers will make sure the hours get approved. 

11. I have employees who have submitted timesheets, so why am I unable to approve their timesheets?

Once an employee submits their timesheet, it's not available for approval until after a time administration process has been run by IT. This process is run daily at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm for wage employees and generally takes about 15 minutes to complete.

The process for classified employees takes several hours to complete and it runs at 10:30am and 8:00 pm daily.


12. How do I enter Governors Leave?

For now, you can use the time reporting code "Other-Regular Earnings."
VCCS is working on including a leave option for inclement weather and emergency closures. 

Health Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts



1. Who is eligible to be covered as a dependent on my health plan?

While supporting documentation of eligibility: Spouse recognized as legal in the Commonwealth of Virginia; Dependent child under age 26; Legally adopted dependent; Dependent for which employee has sole permanent custody - See


2. If I resign from state employment, when will my health benefits end?


Health coverage under the active group ends at midnight on the last day of the month in which you terminate employment. 


3. Is there any way I can continue health coverage once I resign?

Yes, you and your covered family members may continue your state health benefits plan in certain situations at your own expense under COBRA.



4. How do I enroll in health coverage and flexible spending accounts?

You may enroll in health overage and flexible spending accounts on line through Employee Direct - the state;s online self-serve enrollment system.The web address is (no www).

5. After I enroll, when will health coverage become effective?



The first of the month following or coinciding with the hire date. 


6. When can I make changes?

After the initial election, changes can be made only during the open enrollment or if you experience a qualifying mid-year event. 

7. When is enrollment open?

Open enrollment is every year in the spring. Specific dates are advertised in the Intercom.

8. Do I have to re-enroll in my health plan and flexible spending accounts each year? 

You do not have to re-enroll in your health plan each year. You must re-enroll in the flexible spending account each year during open enrollment. 

Retirement and Tax Deferred Annuities



1. How do I change my beneficiary for my VRS retirement and life insurance? 

Download the VRS-2 - Beneficiary Designation Form at and submit the completed form to VRS at the address on the form. HR does not need a copy of the form. 


2. How do I apply for retirement under VRS?


Complete the required Application for Service Retirement (VRS-5) and other required documents to Human Resources at least 60 days before you want to retire. The form may be downloaded at 

3. How do I make changes to my 403-b Contributions?

Complete a new 105-097 (Salary Reduction Agreement) and fax it to Human Resources. 

Injuries & Worker's Compensation




1. My Employee (l) got injured on the job. What to do next?

In a life threatening emergency situation please get the necessary medical treatment at the nearest medical service provider by the quickest means available (ambulance, rescue squad, etc.) If follow-up medical care is needed please only visit a physician from the list of panel physicians. 

The list of panel physician can be found on the HR website under benefits/workers-compensation-procedures.

If it not an emergency: Notify your supervisor and HR; For both emergency and non-emergency situations, complete the Employer Accident report form within 10 days of the date of the injury and submit the completed form to HR. 

The Supervisor's Assessment form is also required and must be filled out and submitted to HR within 3 days of the incident. 




1. Am I elegible for short term disability?


Yes, you are covered under the Virginia Disability Program. Includes both classified and faculty. 

Prior to July 2009, EE's are eligible immediately. EE's that start after have a one year waiting period and only are eligible at 60% disability pay. 


2. How do I initiate a claim?

Once contacted, the Employee Services unit will provide a phone number for contact information purposes, as well as a copy of the VSDP handbook, which will be sent via email to the employee.



3. Do I get paid on short term disability and if so, how is payment made?

Based on your service months, payment is made at 100%, 80% and 60%. If you have enough leave to cover the difference at the 80% and 60% category, payment can be made at a 100%

4. How do I submit my leave during the disability period?



HR's Employee Services will complete the timesheet for you while you are out on VSDP. We take care of this because we are privy to information and responsibility for the administrative action. 


5. Do I have to use my leave?

The first week is considered the waiting period and leave needs to be used in order to be paid. Normally sick leave is charged for the first week; however, if no sick leave is available, you can use any other available leave. Sick leave cannot be used after the waiting period.

6. Do I have to return back to work once my disability ends?

If you cannot return to work once the claim has closed, HR will notify your supervisor. Your supervisor can only approve that additional time. If you are on maternity leave, FMLA can be applied for up to an additional 6 weeks after the closure of the claim.

Prior to going out on VSDP, you need to notify HR's Employee Services for the appropriate FMLA paperwork to submit and gain approval.





1. When am I eligible for FMLA and how do I apply?

You are eligible if you have been a full or a part time employee for at least 12 months or 1250 hours in the previous 12 month period.

If eligible, you are entitled to receive up to 12 weeks of unpaid/paid leave per year. Qualifying circumstances include: Birth or adoption of your child; caring for your spouse, son, daughter or parent with a serious health condition; your own serious health condition. You must notify Employee Services in HR to receive a form, the Health Care Professional Certification that must be completed by the health professional and submitted. 



2. Do I actually need the physician to complete the FMLA paperwork in order to be approved?

Medical certification by the doctor is required within 15 calendar days of the request or upon return to work from an absence. If an employee fails to provide certification, NOVA may deny the FMLA request. 

3. Does my supervisor need to approve the period of time that is being requested under FMLA?



For long term requests and for intermittent requests, the work schedule is reviewed and the supervisor provides input into the decision to grant the request for leave under FMLA.

When final documentation is received in Human Resources, a determination is made and you and your supervisor are notified of the decision. The request will either be approved or denied.


4. What is the length of time that an employee can be out on FMLA?

Eligible employees can requests up to 480 hours of FML in one calendar year.

5. Is FMLA leave charged or do I have to use my leave?

You will use your own leave for the period of FMLA. Employee Services will use and enter the FMLA code for leave tracking purposes in your time sheets.

Leave Sharing



1. Am I eligible for leave sharing if I exhaust my leave balances?

If you run out of leave and you are eligible for FMLA and you are approved for a family medical leave, you may receive leave share donations. However, the donated time can only cover a period of absence that is included in your FML certification.


2. When can I apply for leave sharing and how do I apply?

Once you request for family medical leave has been approved and you know that you won't have enough leave to cover the entire period of your anticipated absence, you should apply for leave sharing. 

3. Can my co-workers or other employees donate sick leave?



Sick leave can't be donated to another employee. Co-workers and other college employees can donate annual leave and their donations must be in 8 hours increments. 




1. How do I request employment verification from the college?

Send a request to


2. How do I update my address (and other information) with the college?

Updates need to be made in the two HR systems.

In Denosys under Employee Self Service > Personal Info: click on "address info". Type the new information into the appropriate fileds and click on "Update Demographic Data."

In HRMS there are job aides located on the NOVA website under the following link: If you need additional coaching after reviewing these job aides, contact Employee Services


3. How do I change my name with college records?


Present the new social security card to your Campus Consultant and provide your previous last name with emplid. HR will update all of the systems.


4. How do I find my state ID?

For FT staff- In Denosys and under the Employee Self Service section, click on "Job Information" under the Personal Information column. Your state ID is in the upper right corner. If you have health insurance, it is also the ID number on your card (without the letters).

For Wage and Adjunct employees they will need to contact Employee Services in order to provide the State id number.



5. My citizenship status has changed, what do I need to do?

Present the new documents to your Campus Consultant and they will recertify your I.9 form.

6. What is commuter choice and how do I apply?



Commuter choice programs are financial incentives for full0time state employees who commute to work by public transit or vanpool in the counties of Arligton, Fairfax, Loudon, Prince William, Spotslyvania and Stafford and the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Manassas and Manassas Park.

NOVA employees can apply for the Commuter Choice program by accessing the procedures and application on the NOVA website at






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