Human Resources Employee Relations FAQ

Employee Relations Frequently Asked Questions



What do I need to know about the performance evaluation process? 

Classified probationary employees – New classified employees are on probation during the first 12 months of their employment. Probationary employees receive Probationary Progress Reviews (Form 105-046) at 3 months, 6 months, and 11 months from their hire date. Supervisors are responsible for conducting probationary reviews for their direct reports in a timely manner.  


Classified non-probationary employees are formally evaluated annually. The evaluation cycle runs from October 25-October 24.


Faculty (Teaching, Administrative, and Professional) - Faculty members in their first year of employment are required to be evaluated twice.  Faculty in their second or more years at the college are evaluated annually.  Faculty should refer to the Credentialing SharePoint site for additional information regarding Faculty evaluations Human Resources - Evaluation Materials - All Documents ( 


Supervisors are expected to monitor and discuss staff performance regularly, not only at the yearly performance evaluation meeting.


As a supervisor, how can I extend a probationary period for an employee? 

Probationary periods may be extended for up to 6 additional months for performance reasons.  Extension to probation is not routine.  If you are considering an extension for a probationary employee, contact Employee Relations ( before any discussions with the employee.     


Probationary periods must be extended when probationary employees are on any leave with or without pay for more than 14 consecutive calendar days. 

Where can I find information on a policy? 

You can refer to the employee handbook, as well as the DHRM and VCCS websites for additional information.  


If you need assistance with policy interpretation or clarification, contact Employee Relations ( 

As a supervisor, how do I address performance and/or behavioral problems? 

Contact Employee Relations ( for guidance on how to address performance and behavioral problems. The Employee Relations team is available to assist and advise you in determining appropriate steps for the disciplinary process. 


I have a workplace issue (such as harassment, hostile environment, conflicts with co-workers and/or supervisors), what can I do? 

Employee Relations ( is available to assist faculty and staff on work-related issues and provide options or information about resources available to employees. 


I want to file a complaint but I am concerned about confidentiality.  How should I proceed? 

Human Resources will keep information received confidential to the extent requested and allowed by law.  


When the information that is shared with us indicates that any person or property is in danger, that prohibited harassment/discrimination may have occurred or that a serious violation of NOVA or Commonwealth of Virginia policies has occurred, Human Resources will communicate with the appropriate person(s) or division, administrative council member as required by law.


Discretion will be used by Human Resources in communicating sensitive information. Individuals receiving the information will be urged to use discretion in order to protect the person who reported the situation to the extent possible.

I want to file a grievance, how do I get the process started?  

Not every situation qualifies for a grievance.  


Classified employees should review the Classified Employee Handbook and/or visit the Office of Employment Dispute Resolution’s (EDR) website to obtain information on the grievance procedure (Employment Dispute Resolution (   Probationary employees do not have access to the grievance procedure. 


Faculty need to review the Alternate Dispute Resolution and Faculty Grievance Procedure as outlined in the VCCS Policy Manual.  


Contact Employee Relations ( for guidance on the process.


How can I request an accommodation?  

Any accommodation requests under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) should be directed to the ADA Coordinator ( Additional information regarding ADA can be found here Accessibility/ADA - Northern Virginia Community College (

I want to terminate an employee, what do I need to do? 

Probationary employees can be let go at any time during the 12-month probationary period.  Supervisors should consult with Employee Relations (, if a probationary employee is not meeting expectations and before deciding to proceed with termination.   


P-14s (wage employees) - While wage employees have no guarantee of employment and may be terminated from employment at any time. Supervisors should contact Employee Relations to discuss performance concerns before any termination action is taken. 


For faculty and non-probationary employees, contact Employee Relations for guidance prior to taking any action.