Mapping a Network Drive

After you have created a web page or pages and are ready to place them online, you need to know how to upload those pages to the college web server.  If you are a full-time NOVA faculty member, you have a folder located on the NOVA “home” server, that is named in most cases with your first initial and last name, no spaces, all lower case.  Only you have access to that folder, which is where your web pages reside. 

If you are logged onto a computer on campus, you can connect your computer directly to the NOVA home server.  This process is called “mapping your network drive.”  You can then drag and drop web page files into your folder on the server (i.e., upload files) just as you would move files between folders on your local hard drive. 

  • First, locate My Network Places on your computer desktop or under the Start button and right click on it with your mouse.  OR locate My Computer on your computer desktop or under the Start button; when it opens, right click on My Network Places found on the left menu bar; and right click on it with your mouse.
  • In the pop-up menu, select Map Network Drive and click.  A dialog box will appear with two windows.  The top window is labeled “Drive” and displays a letter.  Use the down arrow on the right of that window to select a letter for the drive to which you are mapping.  By convention, most people use the letter “W” to define the web server.  Scroll down to that letter and click on it.  (You can, if you wish, select any other letter not already in use.)
  • Click inside the bottom box labeled Path and type in the path to the web server:  \\NOVAWEB\HOME. 
  • Click on the small white box that appears to the left of the words Reconnect at Logon so that a check mark appears in that box. 
  • Within a few seconds the folders under the NOVAWEB\HOME directory should be visible.  You can double click on your own folder to open it.  When your folder is open, you can then drag and drop any web pages you have created into that folder and they will then reside on your web site. 

Hint:  Right click on your folder, drag it to your desktop and select Create Shortcut Here. Then you can get to it quickly to upload files.

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