Wireless Access

As part of the NOVA technology plan, the college is almost complete with its 100% wireless initiative.  The college maintains three wireless networks. 

The first wireless network is for faculty and staff.  Directions on connecting to the faculty and staff wireless network are available here.

The second wireless network is for students.  Directions on how to connect to the student wireless network are available here.

The third wireless network is for guests of the college.  The guest network is an openly broadcast network, and should be viewable within your devices wireless configuration screen.  The guest network does not cover 100% of the college.  There are significant restrictions on the guest network as well concerning connectivity time, and bandwidth utilization. 

If you have a significant amount of work to complete, you would be best suited by connecting to either the faculty staff or student wireless networks.   The guest network should only be used for short term or limited needs.

If you require additional support, users can bring their computers to a campus computer lab, and support will be attempted on a best effort basis.

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