Saving Files to College Computer

Quite frequently, users call the IT Helpdesk asking for assistance in recovering important files or work which were saved to computers in classrooms or the open computer lab. 

Files or class work should not be saved to public computers at the college.  In most cases, the computer classrooms and open computer labs use software that erases the computers and loads a new computer image every night.  This process will erase all materials that were saved to the machine during the course of the day, and there is no way to recover this material.

The reason for this, is that college computers receive lots of activity, and the cleaning and re-loading process keeps the machines in the best working order possible, while also reducing the risks associated with malicious software. 

Users requiring to save work from public computers should use a portable drive, or save the materials to a location accessible via web access.  Google Docs is one example of this type of location.  A personal web site is another suggestion for a storage location for important materials.

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