Accessing networks at NOVA

At NOVA two specific college networks or domains are maintained.  These are the NVCC domain and the Directory domain.  These two networks do not allow access to each other.  For this reason, each faculty member has a different set of credentials for each network, The the NVCC domain requires NVCC user ID and password for faculty and staff.  Students, faculty and staff use their myNOVA credentials to access the Directory domain.  A third domain, NVSTU, has largely been replaced by the Directory domain.  It continues to exist, but for limited uses only.

Faculty and staff access the NVCC domain from office spaces.  The Directory domain is accessed from classroom computers, as well as computers in various computer classrooms, libraries and computer labs. To get your NVCC or myNOVA user ID and password, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 703-426-4141.


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