Password Constraints Explained

In order to meet specific security regulations, we have adopted a very specific set of password constraints.  Those constraints are described as follows:

Passwords must contain at least 3 of the following attributes:
1) At Least One Uppercase Letter
2) At Least One Lowercase Letter
3) At Least One Number
4) At Least One Special Character (!@#$%^&*()_+=-:'.<>?[]{}|)

Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length.

Passwords cannot contain your username or any part of your full name.

Passwords will expire and must be changed every 180 days.

Password history of 24 passwords remembered and prevent re-use.
Account lockout threshold is 5 invalid passwords.
The most common way of creating a password is to change the spelling of a word that you will remember using the above listed parameters. For example:

If I had a son named "Michael", I might create a password like: M1ch@el!


I have just waited 30 minutes on hold for IT HELPDESK, listening to the "your estimated wait time is 6 minutes" ..... VERY Negative experience. VERY poor rep in our community.
Nothing could be worth this aggravation.

nvjwulff (10/13/2016 at 11:54 AM)