Refund not Calculating for Dropped Class

It’s likely that the dynamic dates calculated incorrectly for this class.  (Example:  2083/CHM 101 070M 14896).  If you navigate to the Class Section Dynamic Dates page you will see that the following:

Drop Deadline (delete) factor        .150        Deadline        05/26/2008
Drop Deadline (retain) factor         .151        Deadline        05/27/2008

These dates should be the same, both 05/26/2008, as is listed in the Census date field.

This should explain why the student initiated drop appears successful, but without an enrollment action reason that would trigger a refund, but why at the same time, the class remains on the student account.

The bottom line is that, if the dynamic dates had been calculated correctly, the student initiated drop on 5/27 would have resulted in a "W" grade and no refund.  If the Business Office determines that College error was involved and the student should have been able to drop on the later date with no penalty, then have the Business Office re-enroll the student and re-drop him with a backdated action date of the earlier date.  

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