Object Code error : file '/as01/psoft/pt820/s80prod/cblbin/SRPCEPRD.gnt' error code: 153, pc=0, call=1, seg=0 153     Subscript out of range (in SRPCEPRD.cbl, line 17640)

Have VCCS trace the process and tell you on which student Mass Enrollment is failing.  Review the student’s enrollment and see if a SESSION_CODE does not equal the SESSN_ENRL_CNTL field on STDNT_ENRL.  If so, drop the student through the Enrollment page, and then rerun Mass Enrollment.


Answer from GSC:  The SESSN_ENRL_CNTL field gets populated on the Term/Session table, session setup. If you don't have a value in that field in production, I suspect that there once was one there, then the student enrolled in the class, and then the SESSN_ENRL_CNTL value was deleted to correct an error. So the data in STDNT_ENRL does not match the session setup data. I've seen this sort of issue cause enrollment engine failure before, so I'm betting that's the problem.

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