General Refunds not Processing - no Error

When refunds don’t process, but there is also no error message.


1.     Check for refund error messages

2.     Check historical acct bal to find out when credit posted to acct.

3.     Check service indicator history

4.     Check for mailing address

5.     Check for application of remaining bal of item

6.     Check item type used in batch refund

7.     Compare other refunds successfully processed in the expected batch to the criteria of the missing refund

8.     Try processing student refund on Student Refund page.  Note any errors that did not show on the Review Batch Refunds page.

9.     Check refund cancellation page

10.  Check refund reversal page


12.  Check item type setup for min/max amounts

13.  Check ITEM_SF for REFUND_EMPLID.  Compare results to what is expected for this type of refund.  Remove Designated Sponsor if incorrect relationship is applying, and try rerunning refunds.

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