Financial Aid Refund not Processing - No Error Message

Check the type of aid being refunded.  If it is for a program for which the refund should go to the student, then make sure there is no sponsor designated for the refund.  Check the Student Financials>Refunds>Designate Sponsor page and remove the sponsor ID, if necessary.  Run refunds in REPORT mode.  If the student shows up as eligible for a refund, then double-check by running the NV_SF_REF_AVAIL_FA query.  If the student shows up there, too, then you’re good to go. 


If the student still isn’t picked up, try inserting a new effdt row and inactivate the sponsor on the Relationships page Campus Community>Personal Info>Biographical>Relationships>Relationships.  Try running refunds in REPORT mode again.  If he shows up there, then try deleting the inactive Relationship row, and running batch refunds again.  If he shows up there, then you’re good to go.

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