Handling Paper IT Account Requests

This procedure applies to all paper IT Account Requests (105-45 or AIS forms) that are received either via fax or intercampus mail.  These steps are to be followed for each individual request and should not be done in a “batch” format.  
  1. Scan all paper documents related to the request for a PDF file (name the file appropriately so that the file is not misplaced). 
  2. Sign into SmarterTrack and enter the Management Interface. 
  3. Under “Workspace”, click “New Ticket”. 
  4. Enter the email address of the supervisor indicated on the request into the “To” field. 
  5. Enter a description of the request and the employee’s name in the “Subject” field. 
  6. Select “* IT Application Support / IT Accounts” from the “Group” drop-down. 
  7. Unless this ticket needs to be assigned to a specific agent, the ticket should be set to “- Auto Assign -” to an agent. 
  8. Be sure to leave “Incoming Ticket” unchecked. 
  9. To add the scanned paper request, click “Browse”.  Locate the appropriate PDF file and click “Open”. 
  10. Click “Upload” to attach the scanned documents to the ticket. 
  11. Click “Replies” and double-click the appropriate “Canned Reply”.  If there are multiple canned replies, you must choose one of the following:
        “Receipt of Paper 105-45
        “Receipt of Paper AIS Access Request Form 
  12. Hover your mouse cursor over “Send” and choose “Send and Mark Active”. 

Clicking “Send and Mark Active” will send an email to the supervisor indicated in the request to let them know that we have received their request and that it is being processed.  This process will also generate the ticket and put it into the “* IT Application Support / IT Accounts” queue so it can be processed / managed by the IT Helpdesk.