Receiving error “Can not post this charge.  To post a charge, the item type requires that the amount be greater than or equal to zero” when inquiring on Customer Account.

See IssueTrak # 80464.  Student was approved for 50% refund, but PS couldn’t calc 50% of an odd amount.


05/23/07 From Jackie Grupe, OSU, HEUG listserv:

It's also possible that, because of term fee setup, a new charge and partial reduction of that charge are being calculated at the same time.  This problem can arise because of the way maximum amounts are set up on the term fees, in combination with the Calculation Option settings on the term fee setup.  Because of the setup, tuition calc may try to calc a reduction of the charge that has just been calculated but not yet posted.  This is a

result of tuition calc attempting to bring the total charge down to the maximum limit.  The posting process errors out when trying to post the reversal; it cannot find an existing charge to post against.


One thing to check is the various options on the Term Sub Fee Codes page of the Term Fee setup component.  If you utilize any of the checkbox options at the bottom of this page, you need to be very careful about how you set up your calculation options.  For example, you may have a fee that is location specific, in other words, it's different for each location, or maybe it's different for only one location but the same for the remainder of your

locations.  You can set this up on the Term Sub Fees page by specifying on one row the one location that is different, then adding a second row and leaving the location blank, indicating that all the remaining locations should be assessed at the rate specified on this row.  In a situation such as this, if you want tuition calc to assess only one of the two fee rates, Calc Option 1 on the Term Sub Fee Codes page must be set to Most Descriptive Row--NOT All Matching Rows--and Calc Option 2 should be set to Against Meet Criteria Units. 

If All Matching Rows is used, BOTH fee rates would be assessed for any hours taking place at the location you specified in that first row (because it meets the location criterion for that row AND for the one in which the Location field is blank).  That's problem enough.  If, then, you also had set a maximum amount, tuition calc will hit that maximum

amount set up on the Term Fees page and will get stuck with the error you're seeing (and/or one that says "Cannot post this charge").


Another thing to look for is a potential redundancy in criteria for assessing term fees.  For example, don't use a fee trigger that includes an evaluation of the number of units AND use a limitation on the range of units

on the Term Sub Fees page.  While this may seem like a "better safe than sorry" redundancy, because it seems to ensure that you've got your bases covered, it in fact "confuses" tuition calc.  It needs to be one or the other.


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