"Unable to Post Payment. Error in Posting Program Call"

Probably an error in the account itself.  Check account.  Run table validation.  If that doesn’t resolve the problem, it may be necessary to request that VCCS make an SQL update to the database to resolve the issue.  Some other places to look (from the HEUG SF listserv 03/30/06):


·    Payment overall priority on item type setup is blank.

·    Item type effective date is later than the effective date on the term the charge is posted against. 

·    There is conflicting effective date data on the item type, charge priority and/or payment overall priority.

·    Charges are reversed on a corporate account after the contract end date has expired.

·    A student payment is processed (via Cashiering) with a target key in which the account type is blank (and the student has several acct types on the account history - PS doesn't know what acct type to post the payment against),

·    Pay This Account Only is turned on, the cashier has not used Pay Charges and Student Acct has a credit balance

·    A charge reversal is done on a student's account in which the charges have already been transferred to the Corporate Account and item effective date on the charge reversal panel is changed to a date after the end of the contract.

·    Student payment made with the CORPPAY target key, or a corp payment made with the STUPAY target key.  Determine which EmplID or OrgID should be credited, verify the amount and target key.  Once in awhile, during periods of performance problems, PS_CSH_OFF_RECEIPT.SSF_APPR_STATUS does not get set to 'T'.  If that is the case, you must SQL update the value to =’T’.

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