These errors may indicate that the student record has been orphaned.  Check to see if this is an orphaned record by navigating to the VCCS Student Inquiry page and clicking on each tab.  If you receive an error message when trying to view one of the pages, note the error and the page, and submit a ticket to


If you are able to view each VCCS Student Inquiry page, then check the following:


1.  Residency:  Missing residency rows or changes to a residency classification where an old residency row was ‘corrected’ rather than a row added.  Use the query NV_SF_AUDIT_RES_BY_EMPLID to determine if a ‘correction’ has been made rather than a new row added.  You should then be able to make the necessary update (adding a row to replace the term written over by the correction) to the residency page which will resolve the problem.

2.  Term activation:  Must have rows for each career and term to match each term and career with enrollment. 

3.  Program/Plan stack:  Discontinued row on Student Program/plan with term activations after the discontinued term.  Some records have term activation rows that were entered after the discontinuation process was run for a term.  If you see a discontinuation row with the ‘admit term’ of  2054, for example, for which a tuition calculation error is a problem – go to the term activation page and see if there are any terms between 2054 and the term for which the tuition calc is not processing (say 2092 when the student reapplied).  Removing the term activation rows after 2054 and before 2092 will often correct the tuition calc problem.


4.  Multiple Career Numbers:  Multiple career numbers for any one career where the institution is NV280 – you should not have 2 different career numbers for Credit for NVCC. 


If after researching the record you are to resolve the problem, submit a ticket to  Make sure to include your research findings – what pages you reviewed and what you found on the record – in your email.

NCSS Only:
If the SFPRCALC COBOL is failing, then you need to run SFPBCALC for this student to clean it up.

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