Working Remotely

General Information

To provide NOVA faculty and staff with a consistent, reliable way to work remotely and in an effort to standardize our technical support processes, NOVA is no longer supporting the Microsoft Windows VPN Client. We are moving all remote access users onto our Cisco VPN.

Please be aware that under no circumstances are employees permitted to store any work-related files on personally owned computers.  This includes documents and spreadsheets, databases, emails (both active and archived) and software applications that are licensed to either Northern Virginia Community College or the Virginia Community College System.

  • The Cisco VPN client has been pre-configured and is available for download with installation instructions at
  • Those who use Terminal Services (Remote Desktop) will continue to be able to connect as they have in the past (with or without connecting to the Cisco VPN). Remote Desktop connections to individual PC’s will not be permitted, only access to our dedicated Terminal Services Remote Application Server(s) will be available.
  • Faculty and staff will continue to have access to email via the web-mail interface ( with all the functionality of Microsoft Outlook as it is installed on their desktops. The ONLY difference is that archived PST files will not be accessible over the web. These PST files reside only on the PC or mapped network drive on which they were created.
  • We do not permit employees to use their own copy of Microsoft Outlook at home to access the NVCC email system.

This guide provides instruction on how to use these tools. Click here for a Print Version.

If you want to:

You need to use these tools:

  • Access College Applications & Files
  • Use Microsoft Outlook Remotely
    With Access to Saved PST Files
  • Work remotely from a public computer
Microsoft Remote Desktop Client
Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for MAC
  • Check Email Remotely w/o Using Microsoft Outlook (from a public or home computer)
NOVA Webmail


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